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        We are your local Technical Solution founded in Wayland Michigan on Feb. 9, 2016.
        Technology Solutions can provide most all of your cell phone, tablet, and computer repairs.
        Some of the Computer Services we provide:

  •    Clean, update, and scan/remove viruses on your PC or laptop.
  •    Often times retrieve data from an otherwise bad/failed hard drive.
  •    Troubleshoot, and replace most any failed components in the computer. From power supply to processor.

  •         We will communicate with you during the process and provide you with any cost changes before they occur.
            We will give our best and truthful opinions and advice.
            We like to treat each customer as though they were our mother, or brother, or daughter.
            We feel a great deal of wealth can be found in the feeling of helping the customer, by doing the best you could for that person.

            The advice we give is often not the most profitable for us...
            but we give it in hopes you will come to trust us and return to us for all your computer and cell phone repair needs.

            We do provide onsite assistance at an hourly rate if desired.
            Pickup and drop-off service provided for a fee, either from your door or from where it is used (inside your home).